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Back to School with Brainiacs of the Animal Kingdom

September 05, 2016 2 min read

The days are getting shorter and the air is getting crisper, which means it’s time for back to school! While we think every creature is amazing in their own way, there are a few with extra special talents. In honor of the academic pursuit, here are some animals that make it onto Mother Nature’s honor roll:


Ravens are a truly underrated bird, considering that they can both multi-task and solve puzzles. Beyond this, ravens are able to use logic – they look at a problem and work it out in their minds, rather than using trial and error.ravin bird


Octopuses have been seen collecting a variety of shells, including coconut shells, to take back to their home to build shelters with. They are also able to camouflage themselves by changing the color, opacity and reflectivity of their skin.Octopus


Fans of the show Parks and Recreation may call them ‘trash pandas’ but raccoons are able to solve problems and remember the solution for up to three years! Raccoons also have amazing hearing and are even able to hear the noises of earthworms underground.Curious Racoon


Orangutans are tops when it comes to tools! Not only can they build a nest in five to six minutes, they have also been known to create tool kits in the wild to help them capture seeds and insects to munch on. They also use leaves to amplify their call, tricking the listener (and predators!) into thinking they are a much bigger animal. Orangutan Family


Did you know that ants are the original farmers? In fact, ants started farming approximately 50 million years before humans. They have also been seen engaging in teaching and learning behaviors and are well known for their incredible colonies, both in construction and social structure.Ants Bridge 
We hope these incredible animals have inspired you to go forth and do something incredible, whether or not you’re headed back to school!

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