After taking the tour of Peaceful Prairie Sanctuary (PPS) and meeting the residents – the lucky survivors of so-called humane, free-range, family-owned, organic farms – I went vegan cold tofu. Until then, I had never met a cow, goat, pig, or turkey before. I had no idea that goats are just as playful, intelligent, and expressive as dogs. I have witnessed how turkeys will remember your face and will sit closer to you with each day you visit. I have connected with cows, hand-feeding and scratching their bellies. I have seen a pig’s happy full-body wiggle from a good back scratch – known as the “pig jig”.  

PPS has been rescuing farmed animals and doing vegan advocacy work since 1997. They rely only on donations and are an all-volunteer staff to run the day-to-day operations, education, outreach, and administration. After making deep connections with the animals and the owners who have dedicated their lives to rescuing and advocating for the most abused animals in the world, The Compassionate Closet decided to support their efforts.

We are committed to providing a better life for animals in need. Toward that goal, 5% of sales go to benefit the admirable work being done for animal welfare by the people of Peaceful Prairie Sanctuary.  We also donates products to a variety of animal organization for fundraising events.

FASHIONING A MOVEMENT really means something and we want you to know every time you shop with us!

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