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Celebrate Holiday Feasts Veg Style

November 17, 2015 1 min read

Welcome to week two in our Compassionate Gift Giving series

All the world loves a holiday! At a minimum we get a day off from work. At the most, we enjoy grand celebrations and quality time with family and friends. On a deeper level, holidays often ask us to look back at a shared history.

Holidays and celebrations give us a time for coming together as a community, remembering loved ones passed or giving thanks.
Food is almost always part of any holiday celebration. Good food at its best is a shared experience, and holiday food traditions are a social glue that binds cultures together. 

Holiday Feast

But giving thanks, commemorating loved ones, and deep-rooted traditions do not need to be celebrated over a big carcass in the middle of the table. 

Your holiday food gifts, parties, feasts, sweets, and everything in between can be made delicious, healthy, and crowd-pleasing without any animal ingredients (flesh, dairy, eggs, honey, beeswax, and gelatin).

There are literally thousands of recipes, blogs, and alternative ingredients to pick from to create plant-based menus (for every tradition) so delicious that all your friends will be surprised and delighted. There is absolutely no deprivation in this way of life, and your parties will prove it.

Between the good food, good vibes, and nice people, it’s a deeply nourishing experience.

Eggless Latkes 
Potato Latkes (Eggless vegan recipe)

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