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Compassionate Closet: The Vegansaurus! Interview

October 12, 2014 4 min read 2 Comments

We recently had the pleasure of connecting with Vegansaurus!, one of the most popular vegan lifestyle blogs, covering food, politics, and vegan news. Founded in 2008 now with over 32,000 Twitter followers, over 85,000 Facebook fans, over 10,000 followers on Tumblr, and referenced in numerous forums, such as the New York Times, VegNews, and the Huffington Post to name a few, Vegansaurus! has become an authority on all-things related to veganism!

So naturally, we jumped at the chance to talk with them to share more about our passions, our mission, how we carefully select the products we carry, and the vegan inspirations that drive The Compassionate Closet.


A peek inside The Compassionate Closet: your new source for gorgeous vegan products!
What a suave, ethically fancy belt!
Stephanie Boyd is the owner of the brand-new gorgeous vegan online store The Compassionate Closet! Vegansaurus spoke to Stephanie about how and why she decided to open the store, where she finds her inspiration, and more.
Vegansaurus!: When did you start The Compassionate Closet, and where is the HQ located?
Stephanie Boyd: We launched in July 2014, making our debut at the VegFest CO and launching the website later that same month. We’re based in colorful Colorado.
What inspired you to start the store? What were you doing before Compassionate Closet? My inspiration came from my very own closet. After going vegan and sort of “mastering” what’s on my plate (a task that’s never really done with new veggie food brands, new restaurants, and endless recipes to try!), I turned my attention to my wardrobe and realized that my closet was a cemetery! Full of wool, cashmere, leather, and silk—I was shocked and disappointed by the lifetime of cruel choices I had made. So when I set out to turn over my closet, I quickly realized that—although there are vegan, cruelty-free, and fair-trade choices out there—you really have to search them out. That is when I decided to help bring vegan fashions to the marketplace and launch The Compassionate Closet! 
Damn these shoes are fine.
Why did you choose to make Compassionate Closet online-only? Will there be a physical store in the future? Although we’re primarily online, we are working hard to open a physical store in the Denver-Boulder area soon. Meanwhile, we’re making our way around to meet-ups, pop-ups, and festivals to promote and to connect with other like-minded, and inspiring people.  
How do you choose which products to feature and sell in the store? Great question! There is a lot of thought that goes into which brands and products we carry. We look for designers with the same values—ethical, sustainable, vegan, cruelty-free, and that give back—and with awesome style, of course! We look for both well-known and aspiring brands, but all brands must be trusted brands. We want to support designers that are leading the way in creating sustainable styles! 
Vegan forever! So cool.
You feature some truly amazing, unique vegan products that can’t be found elsewhere (like the Colorado-Vegan sweatshirt I love!) Were you frustrated with other vegan stores’ limited offerings, or did you have a personal “aha!” moment that prompted you to create your own? All of the above. I love so many of the vegan styles out there, but few one-stop vegan apparel stores exist, and I have a lot of ideas and inspiration spilling over! For example, I am a proud native of Colorado, and as one of the healthiest states in the country, a Vegan Colorado shirt seemed like an essential for fellow Coloradans to show off their state pride and their vegan values. Now a best seller! Stay tuned for more original styles coming soon! 
Cute mini goat bling  you can buy from The Compassionate Closet!
Who are your vegan inspirations? In this meat world, I am inspired by the growing community of fellow vegans and activists! No matter how long
or the reasons that led you to veganism, we all have something in common (a core value that shouldn’t be downplayed): we strive to make compassionate, peaceful choices. We all have our own stories of struggles, transition, limitations, and support (or lack thereof); I am inspired by every vegan that has persisted, lives by example, and goes out of their way to educate others of the benefits! 
This sweatshirt is great if you’re a vegan who lives in Colorado, or you happen to love Colorado vegans!
How has the reception been to Compassionate Closet? Are you finding it easy to spread the word about it? A-MAZING!! Feedback and demand have been overwhelmingly positive! I get so many compliments on the website and, most often, “thank you for starting this business! We need more vegan apparel options!” The vegan community has been very supportive helping spread the word. Thank you for your continued support! 
Is there anything else you’d like to add for readers? Yes! We are committed to providing a better life for animals in need. Toward that goal, 5% of all purchases supports the admirable work being done for animal welfare by the people of Peaceful Prairie Sanctuary. WEAR NO HARM really means something and we want you to know every time you shop with us! Vegansaurus readers! Save 15% OFF your shopping excursion onThe Compassionate Closet with discount code SAVE15 through October 31st!

2 Responses


August 23, 2015

Hi Stephanie, Nice article! Are you connected with I could not find any noharm products on the site. Thanks, Vanessa


May 07, 2015

she was going vegan. I was the person who was all like, Oh I could never do that. I love cehese! . She never pressured me but constantly informed me about what I was consuming that could be veganized .Over the next few months I began reading about the entangled oppressions of humans and other animals. I had, for a long while, been a fan of Cesar Chavez and came to realize that he was a committed vegan who understood that all oppressions are connected and that violence is violence no matter who it was committed against.I already considered myself to be pro-peace and anti-oppression and I remember asking myself if I could justify consuming other animals, who were every bit as entitled to a life free of exploitation and oppression as any human being. I couldn’t do it and was instantly a vegan. I donated my non-vegan clothes to others in need and immediately dropped the animal products (for lack of a better term) from my diet.Here I am three years later and I feel more and more committed to the principle of nonexploitation (veganism) every day. Not only has veganism opened my eyes to entangled oppressions of humans and other animals, it has also dramatically improved the quality of my own life in so many ways. With this renewed sense of confidence I am constantly striving to improve my life as well as the life of other beings.

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