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Compassionate Gift Giving: 8 Gift Ideas

November 07, 2015 1 min read

Season for Giving

Across the globe the month of December stands for giving. It’s the time of year that invites us to be generous and mindful of others; to engage in the wishes of our friends and family and to reach out to those less fortunate or suffering.

It’s also that time of year again when we get caught up in searching for "the perfect gift".  There are the children, the partner, the parents, the siblings, the friends and then token gifts for the boss, the teachers, the neighbors…


Avoid Hallow & Harmful

Buying something for the sake of it, can easily become a hollow and costly gesture. Not to mention, many of the gift purchases that we make have a harmful effect on people, the environment, and on animals that we may not even be aware of (hardly qualifying as a gift).


8 Compassionate Gift Ideas

In an eight-part series, we’ll explore gift ideas for a more loving and compassionate holiday. We’ll be unwrapping compassionate gift ideas every Wednesday through December. 

  1. Support Vegan Businesses
  2. Celebrate Holiday Feasts Veg Style
  3. The Gift of Cruelty-Free Fashion
  4. Giving Green
  5. Fair Trade Gifts
  6. The Ever-Lasting Gift of Experience
  7. Gift Cards Aren't All Bad (With This Twist)
  8. Re-Gifting Isn't As Rude As You Think

Happy Healthy Holidays!

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