Compassionate Closet: The Vegansaurus! Interview

We recently had the pleasure of connecting with Vegansaurus!, one of the most popular vegan lifestyle blogs, covering food, politics, and vegan news. Founded in 2008 now with over 32,000 Twitter followers, over 85,000 Facebook fans, over 10,000 followers on Tumblr, and referenced in numerous forums, such as the New York Times, VegNews, and the Huffington Post to name a few, Vegansaurus! has become an authority on all-things related to veganism!

So naturally, we jumped at the chance to talk with them to share more about our passions, our mission, how we carefully select the products we carry, and the vegan inspirations that drive The Compassionate Closet.

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Sustainable Style

The earth is ours,
Yours and mine,
Ours to live on, ours to share,
Ours to guard, regard, and tend with gentle care --
The earth is ours, Yours and mine.

- Child’s poem


The Earth is our home and its inhabitants are our neighbors. Together we share the responsibility for its wellbeing. We must work together for a better future. There is no Planet B.

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