Celebrate Earth Every Day

Earth Day is always an inspiring time to reflect on the environmental impact of our daily choices: what we do, buy, eat, and wear. While we love having a day dedicated to celebrating our home planet, living a compassionate life allows you to celebrate Earth Day - every day!

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Plastic Is Not Fantastic – But Can Be!

Plastic. Is. Everywhere. From grocery bags to water bottles to food packaging, it’s impossible to avoid and nearly 300 millions tons of it is produced each year. We can cut down on our personal consumption by using reusable items, but what happens to that bottle or that take-out container that you tossed into the recycling bin? Can we prevent it from just turning into more plastic?

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Chinese New Year 2016: Will the Year of the Monkey Brings the Species Luck?

Occupying the 9th position in the Chinese Zodiac, the monkey is a smart, naughty, wily and vigilant animal.

Sadly, monkeys are subjected to cruel experiments, entertainment, food, and loss of habitat. During this Year of the Monkey, we’re putting a spotlight on the complex social relationships and the many trials of these primates.

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Ditch the Leather, Faux is Better

Most leather comes from the skin of animals raised for meat. Contrary to popular belief, animal skins (along with wool, fur, feathers) are not the byproduct of the meat industry. In fact, a cow’s skin can be the most profitable portion of the cow’s body, making up half of all profits of slaughterhouses that process cattle. Leather is a not a by-product, it is a co-product. This means that leather helps make the meat industry—and animal farming—profitable, which is destroying the planet.

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Sustainable Style

The earth is ours,
Yours and mine,
Ours to live on, ours to share,
Ours to guard, regard, and tend with gentle care --
The earth is ours, Yours and mine.

- Child’s poem


The Earth is our home and its inhabitants are our neighbors. Together we share the responsibility for its wellbeing. We must work together for a better future. There is no Planet B.

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